Librarians, Museums and Art Education

Online Scholar | The Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Online Scholar Program is a competitive, all-expense-paid program for educators to learn how to teach Crystal Bridges’ online courses. During summer 2017, participants will explore the pedagogy in teaching from works of art, understand the instructional design behind the courses, and learn how to use the online tools that are a part of the courses. This is a 4-week training program and weekly sessions consist of 4–6 hours of activities. Once trained, accepted teachers will be licensed to access the course(s) at no charge within their school or community. The courses can be taught in fully online, blended, or face-to-face classroom settings. The courses are designed for high school students but can be used with older learners.

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Librarian, Faculty and Student Collaboration

Research | Lincoln University was chosen to participate in the ACRL AiA Assessment in Action Program. The AiA program, part of ACRL’s Value of Academic Libraries initiative, employs a blended learning environment and a peer-to-peer network over the course of the 14-month long program, which runs from April 2015-June 2016. The librarians will participate as cohort members in a one-year professional development program that includes team-based activities carried out on their campuses. An important component of the AiA program is establishing a learning community where librarian team leaders have the freedom to connect, risk, and learn together.

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View (AiA) Final Project Website and Poster Presentation:

Librarian Leadership Professional Project

Research | ALA Emerging Leaders 2016 Class, The Reference and User Services Association of the American Library Association has commissioned this Library Publishing Toolkit. Developed as part of the 2016 Emerging Leaders Program, this project builds on the work of the 2015 Emerging Leaders class. Different types of libraries serve users with different needs and goals. Thus, the publishing services that libraries provide will vary significantly by type. Consisting of links to primarily free, online resources, this toolkit covers the following areas of service: Education and Instruction, Content Development and Editorial, Product Design and Production, Marketing and Dissemination. The Toolkit also collects examples of existing library publishing programs to offer a glimpse of the diversity of forms these services take.

Read about ALA (Team RUSA) Emerging Leaders:

The Culmination of a Body of Work: Collaborations, Assessments, Teamwork and Leadership

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Hip Hop Information Literacy 

Research | Hip Hop Information Literacy is comprised of a group of knowledge practices that are necessary for students in an academic setting to be cognizant of how to find, retrieve, evaluate, apply, and acknowledge information. Inman E. Page recognizes the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education as its core concepts for literacy and research, implemented with flexible options by adhering to large ways of understanding or practicing within a discipline.

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HBCU Libraries Creating Information Literacy Toolkits: Undergraduate Research

Hip Hop LibGuide

The Hip Hop LibGuide is a scholarly comprehensive online resource about Hip Hop Information Literacy and the artform in general. The libguide has been developed to engage novice, intermediate, and skilled learners that are interested in learning more about the culture, social issues, and artistic components of Hip Hop. The libguide is updated with information on a reoccurring basis and includes a hip hop news blog, free music and so much more. The Hip Hop LibGuide is available for download.

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African American Literary Research

Research | My first poster presentation will be presented at the African American Librarians Conference in St. Louis, MO in August of 2015 with regard to Lillian B. Horace. She is the first African-American novelist published in Texas, a biographer, and librarian. My plans are to also create a digital narrative about her life later this year; individuals will be able to access this information online for free. The first article that I’ve written about her life was published in the Dallas Weekly Newspaper, Dallas, Texas, January 2015. In addition, view and download the Zora Neale Hurston Library Reference Guide that I created for student participants at the 2015 Zora Neale Hurston Creative Writing Workshop Conference.

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 The Southern Literary Renaissance of Lillian B. Horace 

Zora Neale Hurston Library Reference Guide

Libraries Transforming Communities

Research | This research project is still ongoing. I started working with the information while in graduate school. I had the opportunity to present it three times at the Library 2.0 Conference in 2012, The National Black Librarians Conference in 2013, and at the Texas Librarian’s Association Conference in 2014. The work focuses around special library kiosks being set up for patrons to access information in airports, arts complexes, and cultural institutions.

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The Special Library Express: An Open Dialogue about Library Express Stations Being Created in Local Community Centers and Cultural Complexes in the United States

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