The Gwendolyn Bennett College of African American Fine Art

2013-preview_2432629bMy Current Journey

I decided to create my own African American Art University in honor of Gwendolyn Bennett. Read more about the creative arts mogul below.

From Modern American Poetry : 

Born in Giddings, Texas, Gwendolyn Bennett led a nomadic childhood before her father, Joshua Robbin Bennett, finally settled his family into comfortable surroundings in Brooklyn, New York. Graduating in 1921, Bennett came of age just as the Harlem Renaissance was beginning to flower. Attempting to remain loyal to both of her dreams, Bennett began college classes at Columbia University in the Department of Fine Arts but she subsequently transferred to and graduated from Pratt Institute in 1924. While studying painting and graphic design at Pratt, Bennett also began seeking artistic outlets in the two major journals accepting work from African American artists–the NAACP’s the Crisis and the Urban League’s Opportunity.

She joined the Harlem Artists Guild; from 1938 to 1941 she directed the Harlem Community Art Center (largest of the Federal Art Projects); she served on the Board of the Negro Playwright’s Guild; and she directed the development of the George Washington Carver Community School. In all these capacities Bennett nurtured and fostered the talents of countless young African-American artists. Poet, short-story writer, columnist, journalist, illustrator, graphic artist, arts educator, teacher and administrator on the New York City Works Progress Administration Federal Arts Project (1935-1941). Gwendolyn Bennett was one of the most versatile figures to participate actively in both the 1920s Black American arts movement, which was designated the Harlem Renaissance, and in the 1930s arts alliance formed among African-American graphic artists that was called the Harlem Artists Guild.

The academic institution houses my written journey as a student of African American art history here:

#blackartacademic, an African American art history (digital) documentation regarding visual arts and cultural literature. this art blog journal is created to house information, notes, and thoughts regarding my personal journey as a visual artist, writer, curator, and academic librarian. i felt the need to illustrate to the world the dire need for more black art studies courses and majors to be included and created in the academic canon.

art-lamens terms:

i call it a digital art dissertation about my passion.

#mynameiskYmizsofly, M.L.S.

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