Black Girl Project Sisterhood Summit: My Proposal – ACCEPTED!

About TBGP

The Black Girl Project uses art and culture to contribute to the emotional emancipation of Black women and girls. *The Sisterhood Summit is open to all people who identify as Black and women and/or girls and is inclusive of transgender women and girls as well as people who identify with any femininity/femmeness/etc. spectrum. The summit will take place on June 9, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.

Details about My Proposal


By kYmberly Keeton

This presentation introduces participants to creative design strategies that can be used to continue to be successful and progressive during transition. Many unforeseen happenings will occur in one’s lifetime and knowing how to tap into our internal creative force is one of the greatest gifts to hone. Through creative reflection and dialogue this presentation will document my own experiences from 2017 that shook my personal and professional life and how I did not let life’s unforeseen happenings get the best of me. There are strategies and reflections that will be discussed include gratitude, self-care, discovery, and legacy. Everyone has the right to tap into the unknown and be if they allow themselves. It is time to be honest with ourselves and what we want for ourselves – note to self. Individuals that attend this presentation session will have the opportunity to think about their own shared life experiences and where they are now in the realm of transition. One of my favorite quotes is by an African American woman poet, “If you are free, you are not predictable and you are not controllable” ― June Jordan.

Moreover, this is the radicalism that I continue to strive for on a daily basis and there is a formula to it by knowing who you are and knowing how to tap into your creative gifts and dialogue with your own being. Taking the time to understand these creative design strategies and put them to work in your life is what will align oneself with his or her true destiny and path. In like manner, understanding the “I” as in “You” is important and to invest in your possibilities, growth, and maturity throughout your journey as a Black woman is revolutionary. To be creative as a Black woman and understand its ramifications in your life in the 21st century is by fearing less and being able to tap into your own genius during transition and keep it going. It takes daily work, dedication, and perseverance to live and be at this level. I am still working on it too. However, I have had the time to sit and think for 7 months about this formula and had the pleasure of seeing it play out in my life in 2017. Allow me to introduce myself to you through the transitional stages of growth, creativity, and womanhood.

Learn more about the conference here:

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