African American Genealogy 101: Lincoln University Students Learn about their Lineage

AA Genealogy Workshop (2)From KOMU 8:

JEFFERSON CITY — Lincoln University students went to an African-American Genealogy workshop Wednesday morning to learn more about their family history.

“Everything that you find is a potential clue, it’s going to lead you to somewhere else. But it always leads you back to where you began,” Academic Librarian, kYmberly Keeton said.

Keeton has been researching her own family for over six years. Before her aunt passed away a year and a half ago, Keeton wrote down everything she told her about her family’s past.

She said she’s always wanted to know where her family came from, and has even reunited with one of her distant cousins through her genealogy research.

“When you start searching out people, you may find pictures, you may find poems, documents, and then you start to see yourself in those things,” Keeton said.

Because of all of the information she found, Keeton said she wanted others to have the same experiences and opportunities. So, she created the workshop for LU students to attend.

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