My Abstract was Accepted: The Remix Hip Hop Information Literacy


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The Remix is Now in Session: Imagine walking into a university library, you see students wearing headphones and bobbing their heads to music in this educational cultural space. Some are typing on their cell phones in heavy rotation with their friends. The computers are turned on and every social media outlet known to man is up and being utilized. Each student has a different hair color, their clothes are colorful, and they speak a different lingo when greeting you. There is something different about them; they do not fear the world, nor society and its woes. With so much available to them regarding technology, it makes sense to identify what it means to meet them where they are from a scholarly stance. Hip Hop Information Literacy is a method used to engage in their world, hear their voice about issues that they deal with and their personal stance about their place in the culture. The challenges of understanding how to meet the current Hip Hop generation where they are is by providing an awareness about information literacy and how it can help propel their academic careers as skilled researchers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners through acknowledging their lifestyle that is associated with Hip Hop culture.

The remainder of this abstract and chapter will be published by: Hinchas Press in 2017. More information will be available in the coming months with regard to purchasing the book from the publisher.

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