Life Lessons Revealed through Writing, Rewriting, and Writing Some More…

Centennial_Poster%5b1%5d (1)I decided to take the leap at the end of the semester to begin writing an essay about Margaret Walker. She was a poet, writer, and educator. There are many writers and librarians that I’ve come to admire over time and she is indeed one of them. When I began writing the abstract to get approved to move forward with the essay, I found it to be quite hard as it pertains to getting my point across to the reader. This was quite intriguing to me, being that I am a professional and creative writer. But, somewhere within the process of writing and rewriting my thesis, I found that being patient and going deeper into the subject matter at hand, in this case my personal analysis of her work had to be matter-of-fact.

There is a process that a writer has to go through to interpret another writer’s words and this is what I want to do within this essay with regard to giving my interpretation of her work and then explaining the meaning behind it as I see Margaret Walker’s work through fiction and poetry. I wrote the thesis over six times. I then proceeded to get help and then answered a few questions to steer my words in the right direction. We all need help when it comes to writing and organization of our thoughts. I have a tendency to go off in another galaxy (that is the creative side that tends to always creep in all of my work).

I am thankful for the process. I learned a lot about myself and what I can do as a writer in academia and with future scholarship that I choose to tackle head on. I think the ending of 2015 was just what I needed – writing. I started and stopped and repeated the cycle over and over until I got it. I believe that is what librarianship and professionalism is all about going into my second year in the field. There are going to be moments when you want to give in – but you can not do that. You have to keep pushing. You have to keep striving to reach the pinnacle of success as you have defined it.

I know that Margaret Walker was the type of woman that gave it all that she had through her works as a literary powerhouse, a culture-keeper of Black history, and an educator that dared to dream.

Read more about Margaret Walker 



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