Knowledge of Self: My Character, My Demeanor, My Flyness

10930906_10102259419163056_5352479498303767469_n“I’m rebelling against being handed a career, like, “You’re the next this; you’re the next that.” I’m not the next anything, I’m the first me.”

As a scholar in my field, I’ve always wanted to just be me. There are many different facets to my creative bliss. I am a writer, poet, artist, and fashionista. Where I live now (Jefferson City, MO) it seems like a lot of individuals are not familiar with free spirits. You know folks that are radical and are change agents are normally not in the in crowd. Everything that I do is on purpose. I am a woman (BLACK) that will make you stop and look and wonder how long it took me to get dressed in the mornings (honestly, it takes about 30 minutes). When I decided to become a librarian, never once did I think that I would have to change who I was to be accepted, and I will not be starting anytime soon.

In order to be true to what you have been destined to do with your life, I believe that you have to be able to do you – meaning that being popular is not always the cool thing in the world that I now absorb on a daily basis. Then there are moments when you have to know that you are the ish and can’t nobody stop your stride. I’ve always been the black sheep in my family, amongst my friends, and now in the workplace — ain’t nothing changed. I am cool with that too. As an independent woman on the move, I take pride in my heritage, my history, and my family lineage. We all have things that we want to change about ourselves and I am doing the best that I can in the workplace. However, I do love hats, cool azz socks, and high-heels. I work it every_day. I express to my student workers to express themselves on the regular (within in the context of our library policies).

Take a look to the right of the screen and visualize my world as a renaissance woman. I love to write and I love to express myself – if you don’t in this life – you will go crazy. I thank the universe for allowing me the opportunity to share my gifts with the world on a daily basis. There is nothing like being who you are and loving what you do as a professional at the same time. How many times have you opted out to be who you are to save face for the next human being? I dare you to be who you are and see what happens to your character, demeanor, and soul. James Baldwin and Lena Horne are my examples in life to be all that I can regardless of the status quo. I respect the field and I know that we need more librarians that are radical and want to change the world – by being who they are in the times that we live in today.

I have decided that it is time to be outside the box and to not look back. I am the standard and the example.

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